Monthly Archives: May 2019

21 05, 2019

Nursery Gymnastic Lesson May 2019

Children in nursery have been participating in gymnastics lessons that have been delivered by a specialist gymnastics coach. The start and the end of the week nursery cohorts have received a total of 6 sessions. As part of the sessions the children have developed a range of skills and are now experts at performing moves [...]

20 05, 2019

KS1 Science Workshop May 2019

Year 1 and Year 2 children took part in a science afternoon and invited parents / carers in to carry out a range of practical experiments. The children visited four teachers. In class 7, the children made a raincloud and learned that once the clouds get full of water, they can’t hold anymore and the [...]

15 05, 2019

Annual Citizens Award at Stocksbridge Town Council 14 May 2019

A huge congratulations to Jackie who collected her 'Annual Citizens Award' at Stocksbridge Town Council yesterday evening. Jackie has been a lollipop lady for 44 years and takes immense joy and pride in keeping the children or Royd and Deepcar safe. We couldn't think of a more deserving winner and we are all extremely proud [...]

14 05, 2019

Sheffield Charter for Quality in the Early Years

Congratulations to the Foundation Stage team who have been awarded the Charter Mark for Quality by the Sheffield Local Authority. The Charter Mark recognises quality early years provision in Sheffield. Our areas of excellence were highlighted as our 'active maths approach' and 'partnerships with parents'.

8 05, 2019

Reception Aerobics Session May 2019

Earlier in the academic year Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 took part in a 30 minutes aerobic session. The children enjoyed this so much that they wanted to invite a family member in to school so that they could participate with them. Today was the Reception children's turn to complete an aerobic session with [...]

1 05, 2019

FS2 Trip – 01.05.2019

On Wednesday 1st May, FS2 went to visit a restaurant called 'Butcher and Catch' to make fish and chips as part of our 'Why is water wet?' topic.  We shelled the peas, made the batter for the fish using flour and sparkling water and battered the fish too.  We got to try the fish and [...]