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13 11, 2019

Arts Week Nov 19- Under the Sea


In class 7 this week, the theme has been UNDER THE SEA! We have been creating lots of exciting art work including: turtle and fish clay models, lobsters using our foot and hand prints, oysters with paper plates, CD fish, a dolphin sketch, pastel and watercolour shells, a watercolour masterpiece of layers of waves, a [...]

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11 11, 2019

Forest School Reception Class 2 Week 1 Nov 2019


Week 1 Children were taught how to stay safe in the woodlands and spot potential hazards. They also looked at staying within certain boundaries. The children were given time to explore the woodlands and use their imagination. The teacher then hid name cards in the woodland for the children to find.

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8 11, 2019

Arts Week ‘The Desert’


We have had such an enjoyable week in Class 9! We have created incredible art focused around ‘The Desert’! We have used a variety of tools such as pencil, painting, pastel and clay. We each sketched a cactus, made clay lizards and camels, created some fantastic cactus pictures using both paint and oil pastels as [...]

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8 11, 2019

Arts Week – The Jungle


We have had a fantastic week in Class 6! We have created amazing art focusing on 'The Jungle'! We have used a variety of different medias, such as pencil, painting and clay.  We made clay monkeys and snakes, sketched leaves, oil pastel toucans painted sloths and tigers. On Monday, we were lucky enough to have [...]

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8 11, 2019

Arts Week – The Foggy Foggy Forest


All of the children in FS2 have had a fantastic week where we have been doing lots of creative activities based on the story 'The Foggy Foggy Forest' by Nick Sharratt.  We have taken part in different arts activities to learn lots of new skills.  We have enjoyed creating collage and wax resist paintings of [...]

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8 11, 2019

Nursery Arts Week


The Nursery children have had a very busy arts week. We based all of our art work around the story of 'Can't You Sleep Little Bear?'. The children have made their own lanterns, clay tea light holders, light and dark collages and bear marks. We worked on our modelling, painting, snipping and imaginative skills this [...]

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4 11, 2019

Imagination Gaming Nov 2019


Key Stage 1 children took part in imagination gaming throughout the day. The games provided fun and engaging experiences for all of the children. It also developed a wide range of aspects including communication and turn taking. School has purchased the games and will be using them at various points in lessons. An after school [...]

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