Class 5 FS1

7 07, 2021

Creature Ark

Today we had Creature Ark in to show us some minibeasts, reptiles and mammals. As part of exploring minibeasts, we were able to hold them and we learnt facts about each minibeast. We met a reptile and learnt about how they protect themselves from predators. The children had lots of fun touching its hard shell! [...]

28 05, 2021

FS2 Pirate Day May 2021

On Wednesday 26th May the children in FS1 enjoyed a pirate themed day relating to the ‘why is water wet?’ topic they had been learning about. The children looked fantastic in their pirate costumes! We had a great day where we learnt about pirates, how to talk like a pirate. we walked the plank and [...]

1 04, 2021

Easter Day March 2021

To celebrate Easter, the children enjoyed a range of activities. These included wearing their Easter bonnets down the cat walk and posing for a photo. The children also brought decorated eggs to school which were judged in a competition. In the afternoon, we walked across to Deepcar St Johns and completed the egg rolling competition. [...]

5 03, 2021

World Book Day March 2021

We have been looking at the story of Elmer on World Book Day. The children enjoyed making Elmer's ears and making an Elmer out of milk cartons. We looked at being unique and what makes us special. The children looked fantastic in their costumes!

7 01, 2021

Nursery Arts Week Display Jan 2021

Here is the amazing work that pupils did during Arts week. The topic was "Snail & The Whale" and I'm sure you'll agree they look fantastic!  

18 12, 2020

Father Christmas Visits Royd Dec 2020 Nursery Children

Children at Royd had a special visitor today. The children were delighted with their presents!!!