In class 6, our focus for Arts Week has been Africa! We have been keen to learn about the many different animals that live on the Savanna in Africa.


On Monday, we learnt a range of sketching skills such as stippling, circulism, hatching and cross-hatching. This prepared us for completing our final sketch of an African woman. We enjoyed taking our time to complete this sketch and we ensured to use the sketching methods we had learnt.


On Tuesday, we created two backgrounds of sunsets using a range of different colours. We blended them together to create warm tones on which we could add another medium e.g. collage and oil pastels later on in the week. We also had a dance lesson on Tuesday which was themed ‘Animals’ and the children loved it! We learnt different African Animal moves such as ‘elegant giraffe’ and ‘leaping antelope’. I’m sure the children will be able to show you these if you ask them! After this, the children were enthusiastic to create rhinos and hippos using clay! They enjoyed manipulating the clay and forming it into different shapes to create the animal of their choice.


On Wednesday, we used one of the sunset backgrounds we had created on Tuesday and we added African figures to it using a range of different coloured oil pastels. These look incredible! After play we continued to use the oil pastels and we created lions and ostriches using a range of vibrant colours which made our work pop with colour! In the afternoon, we used the other sunset background we had created to create a collage of an African tree. We enjoyed cutting the materials into different shapes to make our collage look really effective! We also created our own African neck collars using paper plates, we used felt tip pens and created repeating patterns using a range of 2d shapes. We finally cut out the centre and wore them around the classroom to show everyone else our creation!


On Thursday, we painted our clay rhinos and hippos using poster paint and once they had dried we covered them in PVA glue to give them lustre and shine. They look incredible! Also we created images of abstract zebras. Children chose to use a range of colours instead of the typical black stripes and the focal point was the zebra’s eye in the middle.  Some children choses to create zebras using black card and painting them with only white paint on top. This gave the zebras a striking look and were incredibly effective.


The children have had tremendous amounts of fun doing artistic activities this week and learning all about the many things to do with Africa!

We can’t wait for you to take a look at our Arts week display when you come into school!