Today the children in Class 8 visited the Victorian Classroom in Barnsley where we went back in time and experienced a day in the life of a Victorian School child. When we arrived the children were given their Victorian name for the day (these names were taken from an historic database and were names of actual Victorian school children!) and they were given their suitable attire: waistcoats and flat cap for the boys with their trousers tucked into their socks and a white apron pinafore dress and mop cap for the girls. The teacher; Miss Sharp made it very clear that the boys were more inferior than the girls (as it was then) and therefore the children were separated all day: the girls in one line… and the boys in another. Miss Sharp remained in character all day as a strict and very eloquent teacher and she was extremely knowledgeable about the entire Victorian Era. The children enjoyed a lesson in the classroom with a few entertaining scenarios created by select children such as a “Tale-teller, Chatterbox, Fidget, Dunce and a child who was taken out to receive the cane (no children were harmed in the making of this scenario) to show the children the types of consequences the Victorian children would have faced for such minor offences. We enjoyed some time outside all together playing with all of the different Victorian toys before we went inside for our lunch. In the afternoon the children enjoyed a carousel of activities including Handwriting with a dip pen (fountain pen) and ink, playing with Victorian toys and games and then learning the process of washing clothes in a basin with a Posser and a hand operated Mangle. We have all had a fantastic day back in 1883 seeing life through the eyes of Edmund, Ernest, Rose and Lottie etc as you can see from the photos.