Bonjour! Key Stage 1 held a ‘learn a new skill’ afternoon and invited parents / carers in to share this experience. The children completed four 30 minute stations consisting of French, baking, sign language and skipping.

Key Stage 1 children enjoyed learning the colours in French and then they used their new knowledge with an active activity outside on the yard. Miss Bamford shouted a colour in French and the children ran to that coloured line.

Children also had the opportunity to learn the British Sign Language Alphabet. They were then able to apply this skill to complete an activity using signs to spell words and also sign their own name. Children presented great knowledge knowing that Sign Language is a way of communicating to both deaf people and people with speech difficulties and found this a useful skill.

In small groups Miss Hoskins groups followed the recipe to make a bread dough. The children mixed flour, salt, oil and water in a bowl and split into between their group. They kneaded the dough for five to ten minutes and then they shaped it, ready for baking. Once they have been cooked the children got to try their bread rolls.

Miss Watts group worked with Jodie from Skipping School. The children were taught the techniques of how to hold the rope and skip. Jodie used a train going through the tunnel as a hook to engage the children. The children took turns to all have a go at learning this new skill.

Feedback from the children was extremely positive with all four skills proving to be popular. We are really grateful to parents / carers for taking the time to share these learning experiences. Staff received some really positive feedback such as how important it is to teach skills from a young age as they are sponges and it creates a passion for something and how it is important to be inclusive with all children and to be able to communicate with children that use sign language. We would really appreciate if you could comment below and let us know what yours and your child’s favourite skill was.