Royd Nursery Infant School has recently been awarded the gold sportsmark which recognises our good/outstanding practice in PE.

Through our connections with LINKS we have completed the required criteria (see below).


  • School ensures all KS1 children take part in 2 hours of Physical Education within curriculum per week
  • Children are provided with activities to take part in during breaks and lunchtimes to encourage physical activity
  • Over 50% of KS1 children are provided with an opportunity to represent school in sporting activity
  • School has a specific curriculum set for KS1 to follow which includes a wide range of sporting activities focused on physical literacy and fundamental sports skills
  • Parents / carers are provided with regular information regarding PE and sport throughout the year and are provided information discussing their children’s progress in the subject area
  • There is set assessment criteria which is used throughout the school to analyse children’s performances in PE
  • The school links closely with specific local sports clubs and has a clear performance pathway in place
  • At least 20% pf KS1 children are provided with opportunities to lead PE and sport in school on a weekly basis.
  • At least 25% of KS1 children are engaged in extracurricular club activities per week


We are really pleased with the results and aim to continue and develop PE through school.