Unfortunately due to the current circumstances Royd hasn’t been able to host its annual sports day where we welcome all of our pupils’ families to attend the event. Whilst school is delighted to have been able to provide this opportunity for the children that are currently in school we are really disappointed that we haven’t been able to do this with all of our pupils. We would really like all pupils to have the opportunity to take part in sports day. Please visit the following website so that you can show your child(ren) the 8 activities that we would like them to complete: https://sites.google.com/view/sheffschools/home Once you have completed the 8 activities please then visit https://forms.gle/oWasEfbmxenA3Lj26 to upload your child’s scores (don’t forget to click “submit” once you have typed in the relevant information). Please upload your information either today (Thursday 25th June) or tomorrow (Friday 26th June). We hope that you child has fun completing these activities. We would love to receive photos and / or videos of your child completing sports day.

More photos can be found on our school facebook page.