Royd Nursery Infant School has a 39 place Foundation Stage 1(Nursery Provision). In Year 1 and Year 2 there are three classes that have 30 pupils. There are 3 points of entry for children to the Foundation Stage 1 base: these are September, January and April (DEPENDING ON PLACES).

Children start the term after their third birthday but this is subject to the availability of places. At present, children are entitled to 15 hours free over 2½ days.

We aim to make starting Foundation Stage 1 as comfortable as possible for the children. Home visits take place if requested so that staff can meet the children in a familiar environment. Starting times are staggered over a short period of time to help your child settle gradually.

Children become eligible to join school in our Foundation Stage 2 class during the year in which they have their 5th birthday. Parents may elect to send their child to school on either a full time or part time basis in September or you  may delay starting until the Spring or Summer terms. The options available differ depending upon when your child has their 5th birthday. Further details can be found on the Sheffield City Council website by clicking on the following link below

Over-Subscription Criteria

If the number of applications exceeds 90, Sheffield Admissions will allocate places based on the following over-subscription criteria:

  1. Children who have an EHCP or statement for SEN.
  2. Children in Care of the Local Authority
  3. Children whose home address is in the catchment area AND who will have siblings attending Royd Nursery Infant School or Deepcar St John’s Junior School.
  4. Children whose home address is in the catchment area.
  5. Children who have brothers or sisters attending Royd Nursery Infant School.
  6. Other applications.

To view our Admission Policy  please click on the link.

Transition from nursery to reception is well planned and gradual.

Parents are welcome to visit the school. Please telephone to make an appointment.

Contact details for Sheffield pupil admissions:

Primary school
Telephone: 0114 273 5766