Successful Ofsted at Royd 2020

Dear Parent/Carers,

As most of you are aware, school underwent an Ofsted inspection on Tuesday 7th and 8th January 2020 and I am writing to inform you that the Ofsted report is now available on their website and our own.  Please click on the link below.

During September 2019 the Ofsted framework changed.  Inspections for schools that were previously ‘good’ are now two days rather one, plus their emphasis is now curriculum development and progression across all subjects rather than focusing on english and maths; subjects that have always been a strength at our school.

The outcome of the inspection was that Royd continues to be a good school.

We are really pleased with many of the comments identified by the Her Majesty’s Inspector (HMI) such as;

This is an inclusive school which nurtures all its pupils.  The school’s motto, ‘Learning, caring and sharing together’, reflects this.  Teachers have high expectations for what every pupil can achieve.’

 ‘Pupils have a rich range of first-hand experiences.  They speak with enthusiasm about how they learn from visits and visitors.’

 The curriculum covers a wide range of subjects.  Subject leaders have made sure that plans show how work is sequenced.  It is clear how pupils will build on their learning in each subject, year on year.  There are meaningful links between subjects.  Pupils have lots of opportunities to write for different purposes across the curriculum.  The quality of this work is high.’

 ‘Leaders believe reading is the key to success for all pupils.  Staff foster a love of reading and most pupils see reading as an enjoyable activity.  The phonics programme is well sequenced and consistently taught.  The books pupils use to practise their reading are well matched to their phonic knowledge.’

‘Children settle quickly in the early years.  They respond well to routines and expectations.  They enjoy learning and playing together.’

 ‘Most pupils have very positive attitudes to learning.  They are not put off by challenging tasks. They know that it is okay to make mistakes.  They are eager to make corrections and to improve their work.’

 ‘Provision for pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) is strong. Whenever possible, staff adapt resources to help these pupils to learn alongside their peers.’

‘Leaders are quick to act to make sure vulnerable pupils and their families get the support they need.  Parents say they know their children are safe and well cared for in school.  Pupils say they feel safe.’

The area HMI highlighted for development at Royd is for the number of Year 1 pupils achieving the phonics screening pass rate to increase.

In 2019, school had an uncharacteristic dip in the phonics results and a review of the reasons for this suggests it was largely due to factors specific to that particular year group. For every pupil, school constantly carries out in depth analysis that identifies any gaps or barriers to learning.  Bespoke support is provided and has ensured that every pupil has made significant progress since starting Royd.

The phonics sessions observed by HMI on the day were very strong and phonics data for the previous three years were above national as demonstrated in the table below:

This year school have introduced the following to further strengthen reading/phonics:

  • Phonic letter recognition into nursery
  • £8,000 has been spent replacing the majority of books in school and going home books

The school requested a review from the Local Authority on phonics and early reading earlier this academic year. The outcome confirmed effective and consistent teaching of phonics through school.

Because of Royd’s successful phonics/reading, Mr Sly also works for the Department of Education funded English Hubs providing his expertise in teaching reading and supporting other schools in the South Yorkshire and Derbyshire areas.  As part of this role, Mr Sly helps other schools to provide excellent teaching in phonics and early language.

Our tracking indicates that results this year (screening is held in June) are predicted to be above 2019 National results of 82%. However, it is worth remembering that results are based on how the children perform on the day not teacher assessment.

Overall, our staff are pleased with the Ofsted report.  There were no further areas for improvement and the letter comments on what a nurturing school Royd is.  The children are real ambassadors for our school and they did you proud on the day, as they do every day.

As always, thank you for your support.