Royd Nursery Infant School is a community school in Deepcar, Sheffield – opened on 22nd May 1967.

Royd Nursery Infant School is organised into two educational stages –

  • Foundation Stage – Nursery (FS1) and Reception (FS2)
  • Key Stage One – Year One and Year Two

The school has 8 classrooms, a computing room, a meeting room and a separate dining room.  We are lucky to have lots of outdoor space enabling us to have a Foundation Stage 1 (FS1) outdoor area, a Foundation Stage 2 (FS2) outdoor area and a big yard for play times, dinner times and PE lessons.  At Royd there are 8 teachers (2 part-time), 7 teaching assistants and an assistant for displays.

Admission to FS1 begins as soon as possible after your child’s 3rd birthday.  Application forms for Nursery places can be collected from the school office or downloaded from the school website.  Please find the form under the school information – forms to download section of the website.

Royd welcomes parents to look around the Foundation Stage and school, but it is advisable to make an appointment.  If your child is beginning in FS2 coming from an external provider rather than our school Nursery, teachers will spend time with your child at their setting to become acquainted with them and see who their new teacher will be. There will be meetings held at school for parents to inform you of important details.

For children to learn well they need to be at school therefore attendance is monitored carefully.  The schools attendance target is 97%+.  If your child’s attendance falls below 90% in any term we will contact you to discuss this. If your child is absent please contact school on the first morning of absence with the reason.

If you need to take your child out of school for medical or dental appointments please ask in the office for an authorized absence slip.

All children at Royd Nursery Infant School  wear  the following compulsory School Uniform.

Your child may wear:

  • A royal blue ‘Royd’ sweater or cardigan with the school logo on.
  • A white or pale blue polo shirt or a white polo shirt with the school logo.
  • Dark grey trousers/shorts for boys.
  • Dark grey trousers/skirt/school pinafore dress for girls.
  • Dark grey/black or navy blue leggings may be worn by girls under skirts instead of tights in cold weather (we understand leggings are more convenient than tights particularly on P.E days!).
  • Blue and white checked summer dresses for girls.
  • White, dark grey or black socks for both girls and boys.
  • White, dark grey or black plain tights.
  • Dark coloured footwear (black, dark grey) shoes or trainers for both girls and boys.
  • Small stud earrings.
  • A watch if desired.
  • E kit comprising of white t-shirt and black shorts for both boys and girls (girls may also wear a leotard if desired). A pair of jogging bottoms and sweater/ hoodie.
  • A warm, sensible coat.

If you would like to order any of the new uniform, please call in at the school office. We stock a PE Kit consisting of a white T-shirt with logo, navy shorts and a drawstring bag with logo.  This is not compulsory but extremely good value.

We ask that all uniform be named.  Thank you.

Children will participate in two PE lessons each week, one indoor session for dance/gymnastics and one outdoor lesson for games.  Children should have a change of clothing suitable for indoors and outdoors lessons; with school recommending that children have both their PE kits in school at all times.  PE kits will be kept on the child’s individual peg.

Indoor PE kit consists of –

  • Dark (navy or black) Shorts
  • White T-shirt

Outdoor PE kit consists of –

  • Dark (navy or black) shorts or dark (navy or black) jogging bottoms
  • White T-shirt or dark (navy or black) jumper
  • Pumps or trainers
  • During cold weather children will be able to wear their coat too

All potentially dangerous jewellery, such as watches, necklaces, earrings etc. will be removed before PE lessons.  Jewellery must be removed by the child or parent.  Staff members are not able to remove jewellery.  All long hair must be tied back for PE lessons, with no clips or hair bands being worn.

Children are allowed to wear stud earrings only, however, please bare in mind that children will be responsible for removing their own earrings as staff are not permitted to remove them for the children.  We cannot accept any responsibility for jewellery worn to school.
At Royd Nursery Infant School, we all work very hard to build positive relationships with all parents and carers. Our aim is to deal with issues and problems before they become a ‘complaint’.  All members of the school community are valued and we want everyone to be able to express their views and know that they will be listened to.

All ideas, concerns or complaints are dealt with as quickly as possible and thoroughly. We are obviously primarily concerned with the quality of education and welfare of each child and whenever a complaint is made, every effort will be made to rectify the issue and if necessary action will be taken to try to prevent the problem happening again.

Please find the complaints process Royd follows.

Stage 1

Informal expression of concern made to the school

  1. In the first instance, the matter should be discussed with the child’s class teacher. In our experience most matters of concern can be resolved positively in this way with apologise where necessary.
  2. If the concern has not been resolved discuss this with the class teacher again to attempt to resolve the matter. The teacher may deem it necessary to involve the school’s senior leadership team at this stage

3. If the concern has not been resolved discuss this with a member of the senior leadership team.

Stage 2

Formal complaint

Complaints at this stage should be written. Your correspondence should be addressed to the Head teacher and marked ‘Private and Confidential’. The letter should say why you still remain unhappy and what you wish to see happen. The Headteacher will let you know when your complaint is to be considered. If a meeting with you and others involved is considered necessary you will be given adequate notice to prepare. You will be informed of the outcome of the head teachers investigation and decision on what further action will be taken within 10 school days. If this is not possible a letter will be sent explaining why. The head teacher will keep a written record  of meetings, telephone conversations and other documentation.
Stage 3

Formal complaint to the Governors

If the complaint is not resolved, and all previous stages have been explored, a parent may make representation to the Governors. A letter addressed to the Chair of Governors marked ‘Private and confidential’ can be left at the school office. If the Governors consider from your letter that the complaint warrants further investigation they may ask you to explain you case in person before an appointed panel. However, it is also possible that, following investigation, they make a decision without you needing to appear. A decision will be provided  within 15 days where possible.


Medication is only given in school if it has been prescribed by the GP.  Medicine will be given at 12.00. Please see Mrs Stuart or Mrs Lawton who are located in the office to sign a consent form.  A consent form must be signed by the Parent/Carer.  Miss Darbyshire and Mrs Heathcote are responsible for administering prescribed medicines in School.  All medication is labelled and kept in the school office.  Asthma Inhalers are labelled and kept in the classroom stockrooms.
All children in Foundation Stage 2, Year 1 and Year 2 are eligible for a free school meal.

Taylor Shaw are the company that provide our school meals. Choices include a meat option, vegetarian option, a jacket potato, or a sandwich.

Children may have their midday meal at school. They can have a meal cooked on the premises or bring their own packed lunch. Please do not provide nuts as part of a pack up. Drinks should not be sent with the packed lunches as each child is provided with a drink of water in compliance with our Healthy Eating Policy.

We ask that parents discuss the menu choices for that day with their children before they arrive at school. Children then select their dinner choice with the class teacher during morning register.

Children are able to bring their own packed lunch if they would like.

Lunch is eaten in our ‘Kidz Cafe’ with our lovely lunchtime supervisors. Children are encouraged to use their cutlery independently, however adults are always on hand to provide any support needed.

After they have eaten their lunch, Nursery pupils then play in the FS1 outdoor area, Reception pupils play in the FS2 outdoor area and Key Stage 1 (Year 1 and Year 2) pupils play on the “big yard”.  Pupils in Reception transition to playing on the big yard with the Key Stage 1 pupils during the school year.

School milk is provided free until your child’s fifth birthday and for children eligible for income based Free School Meals. After this, parents may choose to purchase school milk. This is charged on a termly basis and works out at around 20p per day.

We try very hard to keep you informed of what is happening in school quickly and efficiently. We use ParentMail which goes directly to your email as well as paper copies for anyone without email.
  1. Effective emergency arrangements are in place should it be necessary to close the school.
  1. Decisions on school closure cannot be taken lightly or in undue haste.  However, the school recognises the need for decisions to be made as early as possible so that parents can, where necessary, make alternative child-minding arrangements.
  1. If school closure is deemed necessary, this will be communicated in the following ways:
  • A message will be sent via ParentMail
  • This message will be repeated on the home page of this website
  • This message will be repeated on the school Facebook page
  1. If no such messages are given, then assume the school is open.

Finally, adverse weather can be disruptive to all our lives.  Please be understanding.  We make decisions, not only in the interest of health and safety but also in the ability of the school to carry out its normal duties.  Occasionally, we will make the wrong decisions but always for the right reason.