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Welcome to Class 2, Foundation Stage 2

My name is Miss Brown and I am a Foundation Stage Two teacher.  My favourite area of learning is Literacy because I love reading and writing stories.  I like animals, especially my two pet dogs, and baking treats for my friends and family.

My name is Miss Darbyshire I work in FS2, I enjoy reading stories especially one’s about cats.

Latest News for Class 2

Royal Wedding

On Thursday 24th May 2018 FS2 celebrated the Royal Wedding by holding our own wedding at school!

Attendance Certificates for Spring Term April 2018

Congratulations to all of the children in Reception and Year 1 for achieving 96.5% and above attendance for the Spring Term. Children were presented with a certificate in assembly.  

Reading Prize Money Draw April 2018

Children who have completed five days reading a week for the whole of last half term, including holidays were entered into a class raffle with the opportunity to win Meadowhall vouchers. The winners were drawn [...]

‘Animals-In-Tuition’ visit – 18.04.2018

Class Two were really lucky to have a visit from lots of different animals.  We saw Reggie the snake, Matilda the African Snail, Tina the Tortoise and Rose the Tarantula.  We had to be really [...]

Easter Bonnet Parade – 28.03.2018

Class Two made some fabulous Easter bonnets and decorated some eggs.  We really enjoyed taking part in the Easter Bonnet Parade with the rest of school.

Cannon Hall Farm – 26.03.2018

On Monday 26th March Class Two went on a school trip to visit Cannon Hall Farm.  We travelled there on a coach.  At the farm we saw lots of animals including Sheep, Pigs, Meerkats, Cows, [...]

Judo 23.03.2018

Class Two had a great time during a Judo lesson at school.  We learnt to make a tunnel and how we can escape from inside.  All of us did great listening for the Judo teacher [...]

World Book Day 2018

Class Two looked fantastic in their World Book Day costumes!

Chicks – FS2 March 2018

In FS1 and FS2 we have had some chicks!  Our chicks started as eggs that we had to keep warm in an incubator and then they hatched.  It was so exciting to see the chicks [...]

Stay and Play

Miss Brook and Miss Brown couldn't believe it when they woke up to snow this morning! It was the perfect way to start our stay and play session all about our topic 'where does the snow [...]

Safety Week – Paramedics

During safety week we were visited by paramedics who talked to use about their job and how they help people.  We got to look at the different equipment the paramedics use and see it being [...]

Safety Week – Police Visit

During safety week the children were visiting by the police.  They talked to us about road safety and stranger danger.  Afterwards we even got to try on different items from the police's uniform!

‘Animals in Tuition’ May 2016

Reception children were very brave looking at the animals that were brought into school!!



Winter Wonderland

In Spring One it got very cold in class 2!  We found some animals that had been frozen in some ice and had to work to try and rescue them.  We tried using different tools to crack and melt the ice – we were super explorers and managed to set the animals free!  We also played with some soft snow where we were able to build homes and igloos for the animals in the North Pole.  We also had a go at painting with frozen paint, it was freezing but our pictures looked lovely! A little polar bear was lost in our classroom so we planned and went on a polar bear hunt, based on the story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ and found the polar bear’s mummy!  We all had a picnic with the polar bears to celebrate.
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Whirlow Hall Farm

On the 3rd March 2016 we went on a trip to Whirlow Hall Farm.  It was fantastic!!! We met the little red hen and then made our own bread using wheat we had planted and grown.  We also got a tour around the farm so we could meet all of the animals.  We met some pigs, cows, sheep, lambs, horses, hens and lots more!  We really like our trip to the farm and meeting all of the different animals.  Thank you to all the parent helpers who came along with us!


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Living Eggs – Feb 2016

We were so excited when we got some living eggs delivered to our classroom.  We made sure that they were warm and after a couple of days the eggs had hatched!  There were 3 girl chicks and 2 boy chicks.  As a class we made sure they were warm, had food and water to make sure they were kept safe and healthy.  They were really cute and soft to hold but when they were getting a little bit bigger they were trying to jump and fly their wings so we had to make sure we were very careful.


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