What is a Forest School?

Forest Schools is a fun and exciting way to learn in an outdoor setting such as the woodlands.  It is proven to improve children’s confidence, self-esteem and communication skills – as well as having lots of fun!  The children also develop skills in team work, safe use of tools and how to look after the woodlands.

The children will take part in a range of activities including den-building, wood craft (making a medallion or a kazoo from the wood of a tree) or playing games.

What will my child need?

Forest Schools will happen in all weathers unless it is VERY windy.  Please make sure your child has the appropriate clothing for the weather.  Appropriate clothing includes;

  • A warm coat
  • A waterproof coat
  • Gloves, hat, scarf
  • Boots or wellies
  • A jumper (long sleeves)
  • Full leg trousers (children are not allowed to wear shorts or dresses/skirts without tights)
  • A sun hat/cap

Dependent on the weather, please ensure your child has got sun cream on.

When will Forest Schools happen?

Forest Schools will be starting during May.

The activities will be led by Mr Sly (Deputy Head Teacher), who is a trained Level 3 Forest School practitioner, and Miss Brook. If you would like more information, please speak to Mr Sly.

Parent Helpers

Parents and family help play a big part in the fun of forest schools. We encourage any parents or family members that want to come along with your child and join in with the forest school sessions. You may come for as little as one session or join your child for all sessions. It is fine for parents to come to one session and grandparents another. The more the merrier.!

Forest School 22 March 2023 Week 4

The children completed their last Forest Schools session today. As part of yesterday’s session they enjoyed participating in running races so much that we decided to have more races today. They then made their very own woodland flags. The children used natural materials and mixed it together with water before decorating their flags. The children have thoroughly enjoyed their Forest Schools sessions. It has been brilliant seeing the children have huge smiles on their faces, enjoying the outdoors, experiencing things for the first time and growing in confidence.


Forest School 8 March 2023 Week 3

Children attended session three of Forest Schools today. The children are so confident at relaying how to stay safe in the woodlands. It has been brilliant to see the children’s confidence grow in the space of a few days. As part of today’s session the children made a den for their woodland creature. They also took part in some running races. We had plenty of parent / carer volunteers today. Tomorrow is our last session so if you have a child in Reception and you’d like to join us then please feel free to do so!

Forest School 1 March 2023 Week 2

As part of day two the children recapped how to stay safe in the woodlands. In order to build the children’s confidence, they completed two activities from yesterday. They explored the woodlands and then found their name cards that were hidden. After that the children fetched water from the stream and they added items into their “magic” bucket. They had to add as many different natural items into the water and stir it with their wand (we mean stick). The children then poured their potions into the stream and made a wish. We hope their wish comes true!


Forest School 22 Feb 2023 Week 1

The children in Reception had a fantastic time at forest schools. They were taught how to stay safe in the woodlands and spot potential hazards. They also looked at staying within certain boundaries. The children were then given time to explore the woodlands and use their imagination. Finally, the teacher hid the children’s name cards in the woodland and they had to try and find them.