On 5th November, Class 7 visited the Victorian Classroom in Barnsley. Miss Sharp met us off the coach and we were quickly transported back in time to 1883! We had to dress up – flat caps and waistcoats for the boys and mop caps and pinafores for the girls. In 1883 boys were more important than girls so for every task they went first. We even had to line up separately!

Miss Sharp took us into the Victorian classroom where we had to sit at wooden desks – boys on the left and girls on the right. We wrote on slate boards and we wrote with an ink pen. The boys then read while the girls learnt how to sew. At lunch we got to play with Victorian toys and after we enjoyed our authentic, Victorian pack lunches. In the afternoon we had 3 activities to complete, investigating Victorian toys, handwriting with an ink pen and washing!

The children had a fabulous day pretending to be a child from 1883!