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28 01, 2021

Sheffield Activity Challenge Jan 2021


This week pupils at Royd completed the Sheffield Activity Challenge. The Sheffield Activity Challenge is a tool that can be used to help your school and pupils to understand their fitness. When people think of fitness, people often recall aerobic fitness (how far or long can you run), when in reality there are four main components [...]

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27 01, 2021

Links active blast video


'Links active blast video'. Some of the children that have been at Royd a while may recognise Megan who is in the video. Megan supports schools in our locality with School Sports. Megan has created a video for children in our school (as well as other schools) take part in an active blast session. [...]

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27 01, 2021

Harvest Food Bank Project


Earlier in the academic year as part of Harvest both Royd Nursery Infant School and Deepcar St John’s CE Junior School collected donations from parents / carers and pupils for The Food Bank Project in Stocksbridge run by The Hub church on the High Street. The project has helped many local families last year, particularly [...]

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8 01, 2021

Class 8-Arts Week Antarctica


The children in class 8 have focused on the continent Antarctica. The children have created some fantastic work around this continent and are so proud of what they have achieved. From polar bears to penguins, Ice bergs to southern lights, the use of colour and mediums they have used is brilliant. The children have sketched [...]

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