At Royd Nursery Infant School, we understand that art helps engage, inspire and challenge pupils.

Art is an integral part of our curriculum. It provides children with the opportunity to develop their independence, to express their creativity, thoughts, feelings and ideas and to work collaborating together. Thus, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to invent and create their own art work.

Children are provided with the opportunities to focus on artists who use a wide range of different mediums throughout the year. Which provides them with the knowledge that there are multiple different avenues to pursue art for a hobby or as a life’s vocation. Pupils at Royd have the opportunities to express themselves and explore through paint, pencil sketch, sculpture, collage and clay work.

Pupils at Royd are provided with multiple skill lessons in the focus art medium before they then produce their final piece. This provides them with the opportunities to explore the medium, build their confidence and find out the best way to apply the skills to produce their final piece.

Royd understands the importance of celebrating the arts, therefore every year we host Royd’s annual Arts Week. Each class produces a range of various mediums of art work around a common theme. The corridors throughout Royd are adorned with eye-catching interactive displays and to show the importance of celebrating the Arts we invite parents, carers and extended family to attend Royd’s Art exhibition evening.