Through Geography based topics pupils develop their knowledge of cultures and places to understand the physical, social and economic issues which shape those places and the lifestyles of the people who live there. They study the local area and issues and extend these studies into the wider world, so giving them a global awareness, such as Deepcar, Stocksbridge, London.  This is also covered through our links with schools in built up areas such as Hucklow Primary School.

The children learn in a practical creative ways through the use of maps to locate cities and countries. They also use atlases, photos and the internet to explore the environment and economics of those countries which they study. They make things to express their thoughts such as Chinese dragons, diwali lamps and mud huts.  They then use the skills they have developed in literacy, numeracy and ICT to report and record their findings in fun ways.

Children learn about the value of being eco-friendly and belonging to a sustainable society through little picking clubs, eco-assemblies, planting and composting and growing our own vegetables.