Physical Education

At Royd Nursery Infant School, we recognise that PE is a crucial part of a child’s primary education, which helps them to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Through a variety of fun and enjoyable activities, we aim to ensure that all pupils:

Develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities

Are physically activity for sustained periods of time

Engage in competitive and activities

Lead healthy active lives

We encourage children to live a healthy lifestyle through healthy eating and organise a number of Active Travel Weeks throughout the academic year where we challenge the children to get out of the car and travel to school in a variety of different ways ranging from skipping to scooting.

In the Foundation Stage

We encourage the physical development of our children in the Foundation Stage 2 (FS2) class as an integral part of their work.  FS2 lessons for gymnastics are also supported by the Val Sabin scheme of work whilst dance is supported by the iMoves scheme of work. Both the gymnastics and dance schemes are recommended by the All Saint School Sports Partnership group.  Games lessons are linked to a sport are underpinned by specific skill based activities. As the FS2 class is part of the Early Years Foundation Stage, we relate the physical development of the children to the objectives set out in the EYFS Ages and Stages.  We give all children the opportunity to undertake activities that offer appropriate physical challenge both indoors and outdoors, using a wide range of resources to support specific skills. FS2 completes PE 2, 1 hour sessions per week.

In KS1

PE is timetabled twice per week in KS1. Games is carried out weekly with dance/gymnastics alternated half termly. Extra-curricular activities are available after school. Examples include: dance, gymnastic, football, rugby and athletics. During the summer term we organise an intramural competitions named the Royd Football World Cup where all the children are split into different countries and compete for the coveted trophy.