Sheffield Children’s University (CU) was established in 2008 and now has over 44,000 members who have collectively taken part in around 3 million hours of high quality learning outside of normal school hours! The Children’s University celebrates children and young people’s achievements with award certificates and badges. Learning can be at either CU subscribed schools in Sheffield or at registered activity providers across the city, called Learning Destinations.
One credit is awarded for every hour of learning outside of school.
The national awards are:
Bronze (30 hours)
Silver (65 hours)
Gold (100 hours) …and these continue right the way up to 1000 hours!
Gold awards are presented at special ceremonies at the Town Hall or universities to which a parent/carer is also invited. With each award children and young people receive, they receive a report which outlines their activities and accounts for each hour they have spent learning out of school. This report can become part of their record of achievement and evidences the learning they have taken part in out of school hours, which can be important when they begin to apply to further education or seek employment.
The children usually achieve this through attending a range of after school clubs that the school provides consisting of art, dance, gymnastics, football, Purple Mash, choir to name a few. It can also be achieved through external clubs such as Beavers / Rainbows, gymnastic clubs etc.
Well done to all the children for achieving your award!