A huge congratulations to children that complete the Stockbridge Library Reading Challenge over the summer holidays. A member of staff from Stocksbridge Library visited us today to present the children with their certificates. Well done superstars!

Did you know?

Libraries are extremely important for the following reasons to name but a few:

–          They offer free educational resources to everyone

–          They help boost local economies (they financially strengthen the local community of Deepcar and Stocksbridge)

–          They play an important role in English language learning.

–          Libraries make communities healthier.

Approximately 80% of spoken language is focussed on 2000 words. Even if pupils were engaged in constant talking activities, vocabulary acquisition would still be relatively small. A persons reading and spoken language is the biggest contributor towards our future success when it comes to employment. A child that has read for 30 minutes every day before they have started school, compared to a child that hasn’t been read to, means that they are already 1,000 hours ahead of their peer. By reading aloud, the child’s parent has:

–          Given them a breadth of vocabulary and a deep understanding of language

–          Provided the child to have heard extended and elaborated sentences

–          Given them knowledge of new places – real and imagined

–          Given them knowledge about people and creatures who feel like they do

–          Helped him inhabit the minds of others and understand that some people have different experiences and


–          Given them knowledge about the narrative structure of stories – problems and resolutions, twists and turns

–          Given them knowledge about how things can be compared to others

–          Enabled them to learn that stories sometimes have strong messages

–          Given them sensitivity to alliteration, rhyme and rhythm

Please, please, please keep reading with your child no matter what their age.