Despite the rain the Year 2 children had an amazing time completing Forest School activities. Children enjoyed a game of follow the leader in the woodlands so that they could familiarize themselves with the area as well as managing their own risks. Children then took some time for “free play” where they could do whatever they pleased. Some children went for a walk, others went on a minibeast hunt and others even climbed trees. Afterwards children took part in running races which¬†they absolutely loved. Children worked well in small teams to build a den that was suitable for a hedgehog. Their dens were fabulous and so creative. They also completed making their own woodland flag. Due to the children having so much fun they arrived back to school a little later than planned and were asked what they wanted to do for the remainder of the afternoon. Many children have missed playing with their friends during lockdowns etc so this is what they wanted to do. The children visited a local field and played outdoor games for the¬†remainder of the afternoon. We are glad that we were able to complete this action packed day and do something that all of the children really enjoyed! They were an absolute pleasure to take out!