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15 07, 2021

Royd World Cup


Every year Key Stage 1 children participate in the Royd World Cup. Year 1 and Year 2 children are divided into teams from around the world and then they play against each other in football matches. In each group there are approximately 6 teams so they end up playing 5 football matches.  This year we [...]

Royd World Cup2022-04-20T12:10:53+01:00
27 05, 2021

Science Day!


Today Year 1 have taken part in Science Day! Children were encouraged to be inquisitive and ask lots of questions to solve investigations and problems. We have researched endangered animals and created a fact file to present to the rest of the class. The children were shocked that some of the animals that they love and [...]

Science Day!2022-04-20T12:10:58+01:00
13 05, 2021

Trip to the Glen


This afternoon, Year 1 children visited the Glen as part of science. We have been identifying different plants and trees by looking at their flowers and leaves. We marked this off on a sheet to show which ones we had found. We had an amazing time doing it! KODAK Digital Still Camera KODAK Digital Still Camera [...]

Trip to the Glen2022-04-20T12:11:02+01:00
31 03, 2021

Easter Day! 🐰🐣


To celebrate Easter, the children enjoyed a range of activities. These included wearing their Easter bonnets down the cat walk and posing for a photo. The children also brought decorated eggs to school which were judged in a competition. In the afternoon, we walked across to Deepcar St Johns and completed the egg rolling competition. [...]

Easter Day! 🐰🐣2022-04-20T12:11:06+01:00
18 12, 2020

class 6 Arts Week


In class 6, our focus for Arts Week has been Africa! We have been keen to learn about the many different animals that live on the Savanna in Africa.   On Monday, we learnt a range of sketching skills such as stippling, circulism, hatching and cross-hatching. This prepared us for completing our final sketch of [...]

class 6 Arts Week2022-04-20T12:11:18+01:00
5 03, 2020

World Book Day Year 1


“You have to be a speedy reader because there’s so so much to read.”Dr Seuss Today has been fabulous! The children came in a variety of amazing costumes and were excited to discuss who they had come as. The children have been completing creative activities based on the book "Room on a Broom" by Julia Donaldson [...]

World Book Day Year 12022-04-20T12:11:55+01:00
11 12, 2019

Class 6 Victorian Classroom


On the 10th December Class 6 visited the Victorian Classroom in Barnsley. Miss Sharp met us off the coach and we were quickly transported back in time to 1883! We had to dress up, flat caps and waistcoats for the boys and mop caps and pinafores for the girls. In 1883 boys were more important [...]

Class 6 Victorian Classroom2022-04-20T12:12:11+01:00
8 11, 2019

Arts Week ‘The Desert’


We have had such an enjoyable week in Class 9! We have created incredible art focused around ‘The Desert’! We have used a variety of tools such as pencil, painting, pastel and clay. We each sketched a cactus, made clay lizards and camels, created some fantastic cactus pictures using both paint and oil pastels as [...]

Arts Week ‘The Desert’2022-04-20T12:12:20+01:00
8 11, 2019

Arts Week – The Jungle


We have had a fantastic week in Class 6! We have created amazing art focusing on 'The Jungle'! We have used a variety of different medias, such as pencil, painting and clay.  We made clay monkeys and snakes, sketched leaves, oil pastel toucans painted sloths and tigers. On Monday, we were lucky enough to have [...]

Arts Week – The Jungle2022-04-20T12:12:21+01:00
22 03, 2019

Geography Walk


On Thursday 21st March Year 1 went on a local walk around Deepcar. This was a Geography lesson linked to our topic Street Detectives. We used a map and followed a route aroudn the local area. We identified different landmarks and placed them in the correct location on our maps. A huge thank you to [...]

Geography Walk2022-04-20T12:12:43+01:00